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The Sidek DC pump can be used for most circulation pump applications without connection to the power grid. Highly efficient, the Pump can be connected directly to a photovoltaic panel and is characterized by its small size, high efficiency, and extreme low power consumption. The long life brushless motor technology provides maintenance free and quiet service life. This pump is perfect for single family home thermal solar systems or any circulation pump application where conventional power is not available.
Solar Water Heating Systems
Solar Hotwater
Hot water Circulation
Hotwater circulation

Areas of Use

Solar Water Heating Systems
Hot Water Circulation
Radiant Floor Heating
Heat Transfer Applications

Radiant Floor Heating
Radiant Floor Heating

Economic and powerful, high efficient
Compact design, easy installation
No plumb exudation, more safe
Can sustain continual heavy duty work
Low or no maintenance
Whisper quiet operation
Various protection functions
DC power supply or battery is applicable
Billowy flow rate 25LPM at 24V DC is available
Heat Transfer Applications
Heat Transfer Applications
Cooling system
Food Liquid Transfer Home Brewing